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Before Your Eye Exam

Integrity Eye Care provides comprehensive eye examinations which include testing, evaluation and treatments for ocular diseases as well as refraction to obtain a prescription for you glasses and contact needs.


Auto Refraction

Gives an estimation of a patient’s prescription.


Icare Tonometer instruments is used for measuring Intra Ocular Pressure (IOP) with unique, patented rebound technology. Eye pressure testing that is barely noticed by the patient.


Corneal Topography

For contact patients only. Evaluates eye health for ability of contact lens wear.


To have the exam, patients simply look into the device and the machine will take an image of the retina to check that the eye is healthy.


Retinal Photography

Takes a high resolution photograph of the eye that aides in the diagnosis of diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and certain cancers such as melanoma


In our office, we use the OPD-Scan III by Nidek represented by Marco. This remarkable wavefront device uses the most advanced technologies available to help us better evaluate your unique vision needs. It gives us the ability to measure and diagnose your vision much more thoroughly than has ever been possible before.
Using information from the OPD-Scan III, we can make recommendations to help you see more clearly based on a truly complete exam. In fact, the wavefront system makes the entire exam procedure faster and more comfortable for you.
Although this high level of technology is not available in every practitioner’s office, we feel an obligation to offer the best available care to our patients. Our job is to make your vision as close to perfect as we can, and the OPD-Scan III helps us do the job.